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FAA Facility, Infrastructure and Engineering Support

S&K Global Solutions and our teaming partner, NATECH, provide a wide spectrum of project management, maintenance, professional, technical, and administrative services for three segments within the Federal Aviation Administration Western Service Area; the Technical Service Operation Group, Operations Infrastructure Engineering Center, and the Facility Maintenance Program.

The Western Service Area is just one part of the FAA’s massive National Airspace System in the United States, which manages over 85,000 flights in a single day. The National Airspace System consists of thousands of people, procedures, facilities, and pieces of equipment working to enable safe and expeditious air travel in the United States and over large portions of the world’s oceans.

Contract support scope includes National Airspace System facilities throughout California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, American Samoa, and Micronesia, with most support to-date focused at FAA sites located in the American southwest.

Many team members work independently and travel from their homes to large airports or remote radar sites. They also collaborate with FAA employees and other subcontractors on this diverse infrastructure support project.

Collectively, our team brings over 30 years of continuous experience supporting the FAA. In addition to this contract, we have provided complex technical support to a wide range of FAA programs and offices:

  • Northwest Mountain Region (ANM)
  • Air Traffic Organization (ATO)
  • Regions and Centers Operations (ARC)
  • Western Service Area (WSA)
  • Office of Aviation Safety (AVS)
  • Air Traffic Organization – Terminal Services (ATO-T)
  • Office of Safety (AJS)
  • Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center (MMAC)
  • Flight Standards Service (AFS)
  • Operations Planning Services, Air Traffic Organization (AJP)

Accolades and Customer Feedback

“S&K maintenance technicians Kevin and Sam provide a valuable service as contract maintenance support for our field System Support Centers in Southern California and Arizona. Facility infrastructure maintenance can be a challenging task with today’s federal budgetary constraints and this S&K task order provides critical contract maintenance support to address these needs. This is in keeping with the FAA mission to ensure the efficiency of the National Airspace System (NAS) which the FAA maintains and the safety of the flying public.” – Contracting Officer Representative, FAA.


“Our team members are frequently recognized by the customer for their flexibility and resourcefulness. They provide a niche service to the FAA and are routinely called upon to perform difficult and unusual maintenance tasks that fall outside the expertise of direct FAA maintenance employees. The level of confidence and trust the FAA has with our team members is exemplified by the fact they often work without direct supervision in remote areas such as radar sites in the desert southwest.” – Program Manager, S&K Global Solutions.


Federal Aviation Administration - Western Service Area


Western States

Core Services:

Project Management Services, Facilities and Equipment Installation, Maintenance and Repair Services, Design Technical Support Services, Remedial Environmental Health and Safety Services, Drafting Services, Repair/Maintenance Cost Estimating Services, Construction Services, Maintenance Material Procurement Services

A Salish & Kootenai Tribally Owned Business