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FAA Website and Multimedia Development

Since 2009, an S&K Global Solutions team has supported the FAA’s Northwest Mountain Region – Transport Airplane Directorate developing a website for Lessons Learned from Transport Airplane Accidents and Incidents. This work is now being extended to include rotary wing and general aviation accidents.

Screenshot of the Lessons Learned website interface. Click for larger view.

As an outcome of the 1998 Commercial Airplane Certification Process Study (CPS), a “Lessons Learned” electronic library based on historic transport airplane accidents was established. Specifically, as a key element of safety management initiatives, knowledge of lessons learned from past accidents will help reduce the likelihood for recurrence of past mistakes leading to future accidents. Development of a Lessons Learned electronic library provides a central source for this information, and makes it available to the entire aviation community.

The “Lessons Learned from Transport Airplane Accidents” web-based knowledge library was publicly released by the FAA in 2009. This initial material, containing 10 accident modules, captured high level information related to major, aviation regulatory and policy shaping accidents with the objective of widely disseminating key accident knowledge to the international aviation community.

Since the initial release, subsequent modules have been developed and added through Release 10, bringing the total accident library’s content to 75 modules spanning major accidents from the early 1950’s to as recent as 2007.

Visit the FAA Website: http://lessonslearned.faa.gov/

Sample illustrations developed for the FAA Lessons Learned from Transport Accidents Website.


Federal Aviation Administration


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Website Development, Database Management, UX / UI Design, Graphic Design and Illustration, 2D / 3D Modeling and Animation, Video Editing, Technical Writing and Editing, Voice Over Talent / Recording & Integration, Documentation

A Salish & Kootenai Tribally Owned Business